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What makes a KLR Special Vehicle?

We know what makes a great Land Rover. In fact, KLR have been doing this for so long that we now manufacture our own parts where we can’t find something of the quality we demand.

Built for the rigors of tough Australian conditions, we design our vehicles so they’re super reliable, boast class leading performance, and turn heads everywhere they’re seen. A KLR Special Vehicle is just as much at home cruising around Byron Bay as it is bashing through scrub out the back of Bourke.

Our custom turbo kits, disc brake conversions, ultra heavy duty clutches, progressive coilsprings, and many more tailor made parts are fitted to Land Rovers all over the world, and are specifically designed and engineered for our Special Vehicles.


Build quality

KLR have been rebuilding and customising Land Rovers for more than 30 years. We know exactly how to build an ultra reliable Land Rover with only the best parts available. There simply isn’t any competition for the ultimate build quality of a KLR Special Vehicle.

An array of options.

You’ll never find a KLR Special Vehicle stuck in a rut. If you demand a dependable workhorse to take you there and back again, equipped exactly for the purpose, KLR will always deliver you an exceptionally well equipped and tailor made vehicle for your requirements.

Supported by a range of parts.

Our huge catalogue of parts and accessories are enabled by fantastic and long relationships with leading manufacturers and suppliers around the world. We also have access to an extensive and exclusive catalog including our own manufactured parts and accessories, as well as military and special operations parts and accessories. We also operate a huge parts supply business in addition to our Special Vehicle builds.

The right attitude and skillset.

Come past our headquarters and you’ll meet an eclectic mix of expert knowledge and fresh ideas. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years which means you get the best advice and workmanship in a KLR Special Vehicle.

What’s great about a classic Landy?

Land Rovers stand out and have a certain aura about them that is hard to explain. Like good design, it speaks to you.

As wonderful as modern vehicles are, there is nothing more fun and visceral than getting behind the wheel of mechanically amazing, pre-computer classic Land Rover.

If you’ve never driven a classic Land Rover, you’ll be blown away by how performant and capable these vehicles are, and they do it without any traction control or computers trying to make it work.

Australia is the lucky country, as in the late 1980’s the Australian Defence Force deployed the Perentie, based on the Land Rover 110. Built stronger, more powerful, more reliable, and more adaptable, the Land Rover Perentie is air deployable, soldier proof, no nonsense and hugely capable; what a brilliant platform to build your dream upon.

How do we make a classic Landy even better?

A KLR Special Vehicle is an heirloom item. It’s a total re-imagination of the purpose and function of a classic Land Rover. We enhance the great things, we correct the shortcomings, and we build it to last for many generations to come. We’re truly in the business of making the best even better.

Your KLR Special vehicle floats along on modified and upgraded suspension and tuned vehicle dynamics.

It pulls up without hesitation thanks to upgraded braking and safety systems.

It sails forth, unstoppable, with increased engine output, whilst enjoying bulletproof reliability.

It’s surefooted and confidence inspiring with a strengthened drive train.

And it does it in style – with a fully tailored interior and exterior – designed and accessorised to your taste.